Banrot WP

Banrot 40% WP Fungicide 2 LB.   FREE SHIPPING!!! (Not for sale in CA)

Banrot WP

Banrot WP

Banrot 40 WP 2 LB $79.95

Active Ingredients: Etridiazole 15% – Thiophanate-methyl 25%


For use in commercial greenhouses only.
Use in residential greenhouses or other indoor plant sites is prohibited.

Banrot ®40 WP is a soil fungicide for the control of damping-off,
root and stem rot diseases caused by Pythium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia,
Fusarium, and Thielaviopsis.

It may be used at time of seeding and transplanting as a drench to control the labeled
pathogens in commercial greenhouses.

Banrot 40 WP suspensions in water should be constantly agitated to assure uniform mixing and application.

Banrot 40 WP suspensions need not be protected from light. Use at specified rates and concentrations.

Over dosage may result in toxicity to sensitive plants.

Plant Type Usage:

Bedding Plants, Foliage Plants, Container and Bedgrown, Seedlings,
Coffee and Citrus (non-bearing only) Check complete label.

If plants are suspect of being sensitive, apply fungicide to a small number to insure safety.
Banrot 40 WP should not be mixed with other pesticides or nutrients unless adequately tested first.

Thoroughly rinse Banrot 40 WP residues out of all equipment after use

Re-application of Banrot, if necessary, at label recommendation, will not result in buildups, which may cause plant damage.

Mix 4-8 oz. of BANROT WP with 100 gal. of water and apply to 800 sq. ft. of bed area (equivalent to 1 pint/sq. ft. of soil surface) and use at time of seeding and transplanting. Irrigate immediately with additional water equal to at least half the volume of the fungicidal drench for improved soil penetration of the fungicide.

Re-treat at 4 to 8 week intervals if additional applications are necessary.

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