SULTAN Miticide

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Sultan Miticide

Sultan Miticide by BASF
Active Ingredient – Cyflumetofen 18.7%

Product Information – Sultan TM miticide , a suspension concentrate (SC), is a selective contact miticide for control of a variety of mite
pests on ornamental plants. When used as directed, Sultan is effective, providing knockdown and residual control of tetranychid mites on ornamental plants listed on this label. Sultan is not effective against broad mite, bulb mite, cyclamen mite, flat mite, or rust mite.

Sultan is active on egg and motile stages.

Common mite species controlled by Sultan include:
Banks Grass Mite – Brown Almond Mite – Brown Wheat Mite – Carmine Spider Mite – Citrus Red Mite – European Red Mite – McDaniel Spider Mite – Pacific Spider Mite – Spruce Spider Mite – Strawberry Spider Mite – Texas Citrus Mite – Two-Spotted Spider Mite – Willamette Spider Mite – Yuma Spider Mite.

Sultan can be used on ornamental plants, including annual and perennial herbaceous plants such as foliage plants and woody trees and shrubs at the following use sites:

• Commercial and retail nurseries, field or container
• Commercial, public, and recreational gardens
• Forest tree and conifer nurseries or plantations
• Greenhouses, shadehouses, and lathhouses
• Interiorscapes
• Ornamentals in landscape
• Other commercial and residential landscape maintenance areas

Sultan is compatible with most biological control organisms used for mite control.
Because of its selective activity on the Tetranychid family of mites, Sultan will not have activity on other species such as broad mite, bulb mite, cyclamen mite, flat mite, or rust mite. With selective activity against tetranychid mites, Sultan is also compatible with the use of beneficial/predacious insects or within integrated pest management (IPM) programs.

Use and Application
For Sultan to be most effective, apply it at the first sign of mites and before the build-up of heavy pressure.
Application must be timed to coincide with locally recommended treatment thresholds in developing mite populations.
Sultan is not systemic or translaminar. Thorough and uniform coverage of the leaf surface and/or direct contact of the spray mixture with the target pest is required for satisfactory control. Foliar application may be made using properly calibrated ground sprayers.
Apply Sultan in a minimum of 100 gallons/acre (or 100 gallons spray solution applied per acre). Because Sultan is NOT a systemic miticide, complete coverage is necessary for effective control.
Applying Sultan at spray volumes lower than directed can make it harder to obtain thorough coverage and may reduce performance.
DO NOT apply where thorough coverage of plants is not possible. Application made with less than thorough coverage may result in slower activity and/or inadequate control.
To provide optimum coverage of ornamentals with hard-to-wet foliage, an adjuvant can be used in the Sultan miticide spray solution. Test the safety and compatibility of all adjuvants before use. Always read and follow the specific adjuvant label using the proper concentration of adjuvant to avoid plant injury.
DO NOT apply Sultan if rain or irrigation event is expected within 1 hour following application. The product can be expected to be rainfast 1 hour after application.

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