Negate 37WG Herbicide


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Negate 37WG

Negate 37WG


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Active Ingredients: Rimsulfuron 16.67%, Metsulfuron methyl 20%

Negate is a unique dual powered post-emergent Sulfonylurea herbicide for grassy and tough broadleaf weed control in established warm season turfgrass such as Bermudagrass and Zoysiagrass. Sulfonylurea herbicides are effective at rates 1-5% of other herbicides.

Use Sites: Golf Courses, Sod Farms, Sports Fields, Industrial, Commercial Lawns

Effective Against: poa annua, poa trivalis, ryegrass, bentgrass, clovers, dandelion, henbit, chickweed, wild onion & wild garlic, spurge

Mode of Action:

NEGATE 37WG is absorbed through foliage of plants, rapidly inhibiting the growth of susceptible weeds. One to three weeks after post emergence application to weeds, leaves of susceptible plants appear chlorotic, and the growing point subsequently dies. In warm, moist conditions, the
expression of herbicide symptoms is accelerated; in cold, dry conditions, expression of herbicide symptoms is delayed. Death of leaf tissue and growing point will follow in some species while others will remain green but stunted and noncompetitive. Best weed control is attained
when NEGATE 37WG is applied in vigorously growing weeds or desired plants. The herbicidal action of NEGATE 37WG may be less effective on weeds stressed from adverse environmental conditions (such as extreme temperatures or moisture), abnormal soil conditions, or cultural practices. In addition, weeds hardened-off by drought stress are less susceptible to NEGATE 37WG. Postemergence weed control may be reduced if rainfall occurs soon after application.
It is necessary for the spray material to dry on the foliage to be sufficiently absorbed (generally NEGATE 37WG is rainfast in 4 hours).68.75

Bahiagrass Control
For the selective control of Bahiagrass in Bermudagrass turf, use 1.5 oz of NEGATE 37WG per acre. Apply a repeat treatment in 4 to 6 weeks if necessary.
Some chlorosis or stunting of the Bermudagrass may occur following the application.

Addition of a nonionic surfactant of at least 80% active ingredient at 0.25 percent by volume (1 qt./100 gal) provides maximum performance, but may temporarily increase chlorosis of the turf.  (Non-Ionic Surfactant)

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