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EPA REGISTERED – Foliar Disease Control – Water Soluble Broad Spectrum Foliar Fungicide – OMRI Listed

Curative control of powdery mildews: A potassium bicarbonate-based, foliar fungicide that kills powdery mildew on contact by pulling water from spores and their growing strands. It also inhibits enzymes involved in fungal cell wall formation by altering the pH on the leaf surface, providing 1-2 weeks of residual protection

Preventative control of foliar diseases: Diseases controlled include Alternaria blight, Anthracnose, black spot, Botrytis blight, Cercospora leaf spot, Downy Mildew, Phomopsis blight, and Septoria leaf spot.

Ornamental Applications – MilStop is for use in the following sites: Greenhouse, Lathhouse, Shadehouse, Commercial and Residential Landscapes, Interiorscapes, Nursery Container Production and Field Applications.

MilStop works well when tank mixed with Cease. Together these products have shown to provide and added boost in controlling pathogens.

Ornamental Plant Types

MilStop is for use on the following plant types: Annual and Perennial Flowers, Bedding Plants, Foliage Plants, Ground Covers, Woody and Ornamental Shade Trees, Woody and Herbaceous Ornamentals, Ornamental Fruit and Nut trees.
See the label for a complete list of ornamental plants.

Agricultural Applications – Greenhouse, Orchard Nursery and Field Applications.
See the label for a complete list of agricultural plants.

Water Soluble Broad Spectrum Foliar Fungicide MilStop

• Use at or before the first sign of disease
• Effective on interiorscape, greenhouse, nursery, woody, herb and field crops
• Fully dissolves in water; no residue, dries quick, dries clean
• Cost effective; comes pre-formulated with surfactants
• University tested and proven to be effective
• 1 – hour REI; OMRI Listed and is compatible with many beneficial insects
• Active ingredient approved by the FDA as G.R.A.S. (Generally Regarded As Safe)
• Kills powdery mildew on contact and provides 1 to 2 weeks of residual protection
• Does not restrict plant growth

MilStop Foliar Application:

MilStop has no special storage conditions.
To prevent foliar fungal disease, apply at 2.5 lbs./acre every two weeks until conditions are no longer favorable for disease development.
Shorten the interval during rainy weather or during periods of high relative humidity.
To cure powdery mildew, apply up to the maximum rate 5 lbs./acre every week for 3 weeks. Uniform and complete coverage using a properly calibrated sprayer, checking the calibration frequently is essential for the best results.
No need to add a surfactant, it is already in the formulation.

• Do not acidify water, do not add a buffer agent to spray tank mixture. (Milstop has an approximate pH of 8.0)
• Milstop is formulated with surfactants, do not add an extra surfactant when dissolving Milstop.
• Never apply more than 5 lbs. per acre per week.
• Milstop is a contact eradicant, good coverage is crucial for performance.
• Do not apply during the hottest part of the day.

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