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Kelp Green

Kelp Green



Kelp Green is organic and derived from seaweed grown commercially in Ireland and oceanic fish.

High in all natural macro and micro nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, hormones and minerals.

Covers up to 5,300 sq. ft. of lawn

Concentrated, makes up to 16 gallons.

Safe to use for all lawn and garden applications.

USE ON All plants, including annuals, roses, berries, vegetables, herbs, trees, shrubs and turf


Kelp Green – Frequently asked questions;

1 – Can I use Kelp Green on my lawn?
Yes, it can be applied to all types of grasses and will help strengthen the roots as well as overall health of the turf.

2 – Can it be used on my vegetable garden?
Yes, it is 100% organic and can be used on ALL edible plants.

3 – When is the best time to use Kelp Green?
It can be applied year round but works best while the plant is activity growing.

4 – What makes Kelp Green different than other organic fertilizers?
It is 100% organic and is made from both fish emulsion and cold processed seaweed. This process helps to maintain the natural, beneficial nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, hormones and minerals found in kelp. Most kelp products are heated during the manufacturing process, which degrades these beneficial ingredients.

5 – Can Kelp Green be applied at the same time as my weed killer?
It will not burn and should be compatible with most fungicides and insecticides. Please check compatibility with your particular herbicide before applying.

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