Pentathlon DF Fungicide

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Pentathlon DF

Pentathlon DF

Pentathlon is A broad-spectrum fungicide for effective control of fungal diseases on turfgrasses.

Diseases Controlled: Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Melting Out, Leaf Spot, Leaf Rust, Stem Rust, Stripe Rust, Copper Spot+, Fusarium Blight, Red Thread+, Slime Mold+, Algae, Fusarium Snow Mold.

Features and Benefits:

• Broad-spectrum fungicidal activity

• Up to 14-days control. Control of most major turf diseases such as
Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Melting Out, Rusts, Red Thread
and Fusarium.

• Preventative, non-systemic, multi-site

• No resistance development. Excellent choice for inclusion in
mode of action resistance management programs.

• Superior dry flowable and premium

• Easy to measure, handle and mix. Excellent tank-mix compatibility, liquid flowable formulations Less dust. Water-based, won’t settle out as easy.

• Excellent tenacity

• Provides rainfastness and residual activity necessary for disease control.

• No dye • Will not stain equipment or clothing.

Suggested Use:
Apply a thorough spray coverage of Pentathlon DF at 4 to 8 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft.  Begin when conditions favor disease development.  Use higher labeled rates and shorter labeled spray intervals when disease pressure is high.

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