Stryker Insecticide



Stryker Insecticide Concentrate

Stryker Insecticide Concentrate by Control Solutions
Active Ingredients: Pyrethrins 6%, Piperonyl Butoxide 60%

Stryker® is a multi-purpose concentrate insecticide with a fast knockdown and efficient control of insect pests.
Stryker can be mixed with other insecticides or insect growth regulators to enhance its effectiveness·

Now labeled for use in Residential Misting Systems with the supplemental label below
· Multi-purpose quick kill insecticide
· Wide area adult mosquito control
. Indoor and Outdoor use
· May be applied through mechanical aerosol or ULV generators including thermal fogging equipment

Use Sites: in and around residential buildings and structures, greenhouse, ornamentals, bushes, flowers, fruit and nut trees, shade trees, vegetables, roses, directly on animals and other livestock.

Use Stryker to kill the following listed insects: Ants, Aphids, Apple maggots , Armyworms, Artichoke plume moths, Asparagus beetles, Beet armyworms, Bagworms, Bean beetles, Blister beetles, Blow flies, Biting flies, Boll weevils, Cabbage loopers, Cankerworms, Carrot weevils, Caterpillars, Clover mites, Clover weevils, Cockroaches, Spotted cucumber beetles, Codling moths, Colorado potato beetles, Corn earworms, Crickets, Crane flies, Cross Striped cabbageworms, Cucumber beetles, Deer flies, Deer ticks, Earwigs, Diamondback month larvae, Eastern tent caterpillars, Elm leaf beetles, European corn borers, European pine tip moths, Face flies, Fall webworms, Fire ants, Firebrats, Fireworms, Flea beetles, Flies, Forest tent caterpillars, Fungus gnats, Fruit flies, Fruittree leafrollers, Grapeleafhoppers, Grape leaf skeletonizers, Grasshoppers, Green fruit worms, Green peach aphids, Greenhouse thrips, Gypsy moths (adult and larvae), Harlequin bugs, Heliothis sp., Hornets, Horn flies, Hornworms, Horse flies, House flies, Important cabbageworms, Indian meal moths, Imported cabbageworms, Japanese beetles, Katydids, Lacebugs, Leafhoppers, Leafrollers, Leafminers,Lice, Loopers, Lygus, Mealy bugs, Mediterranean flour moths, Mexican bean beetles, Midges, Milipedes, Mosquitoes, Mushroom flies, Navel or angeworms, Onion maggots, Pear psylla, Potato leafhopper, Psyllids, Rice weevils, Saw toothed grain beetles, Silverfish, Skippers, Sowbugs, Stable flies, Stink bugs, Spiders, Tabanidae, Tarnished plant bugs, Thrips, Tomato hornworms, Vinegar flies, Wasps, Webworms, Whiteflies and Yellow jackets.

Use alone as a contact spray to kill Ants, Armyworms, Billbugs, Chinch bugs, Chiggers, Crickets, Cutworms, Earwigs, Fleas, Grasshoppers, Hyperodes weevils (adults), Japanese beetles (adults), Mole crickets, Sod webworms and Ticks

Check label for all usages, directions and precautions!

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