Dithane M-45

Dithane M-45


DITHANE M-45 – contains: 80% Mancozeb – FREE SHIPPING!!!

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* Labeled for many exotic ornamentals such as African Violets, Ferns & Dendrobium and Orchids. Preferred by many rose growers for Black Spot.
* Commonly used in the commercial production of tomatoes, squash & melons.

USE ON: Many Ornamentals, Many Vegetables (Potatoes, Corns, Squash, Cucumbers, Melons,and Papaya)

CONTROLS: Leafspots, Rust, Botrytis, Anthracnose, Early and Late Blights, and Downy Mildew.

RATE: Foliar spray- 1.5 TBS. per gallon.

APPLICATION: Mix with water. Apply as a thorough cover spray.

AFRICAN VIOLET: To control Botrytis blight.
ANTHURIUM: To control Anthracnose, spadix rot.
ABORVITAE: To control Cercospora blight.
ASTER, perennial: To control Puccina rusts.
AUCUBA, japonica: To control Alternaria leaf spot, Anthracnose.
AZALEAS, To control cylindrocladium rot, petal blight phytopthora twig and bud blight. Apply a full coverage spray, 2 to 3 times a week, while flowers are opening. Direct spray into flowers and thoroughly spray ground under bushes.
BEGONIA: To control Botrytis blight.
CAMELLIAS: To control Petal blight. Refer to Azalea
CARNATION: To control Rust, Septoria leaf spot.
CEDAR, red (Juniper): To control Cercospora blight, Phomopsis blight.
CHRYSANTHEMUM: To control Ascochyta blight, Botrytis petal spot, Rust, apply twice weekly during blooming period.
CONIFERS: Lophodermium needle cast, Pine gall rust, Scirrhia brown spot, Begin application in spring or early summer before infection occurs. Repeat after heavy rains and at two-week intervals as long as needed.
CORDYLINE: To control Cercospora leaf spot.
CRAB APPLE (Ornamental); To control Cedar-apple rust, Scab, sphaeropsis leaf spot. Do not use fruit for food or feed.
DAHLIA: To control Botrytis blight.
DIEFFENBACHIA: To control Leptosphaeria brown spot
DOGWOOD, FLOWERING: To control Anthracnose, Elsinoe leaf spot, Septoria leaf spot. Apply when buds begin to open, when BRACTS have fallen, 4 weeks later and again in late summer after flower buds for next season have formed.
DRACAENA: Fusarium leaf spot.
ELM: To control Black leaf spot.
EUONYMUS: To control Anthracnose.
FATSIA: To control Anthracnose.
FERN: To control Rhizoctonia blight.
FICUS: To control Cercospora leaf spot.
FIR, Douglas: To control Swiss needle cast.
FIRETHORN (Pyracantha): To control Fusicladium scab.
FUCHSIA: To control Botrytis blight, Rust.
GERANIUM: To control Rust.
GLADIOLUS: To control Botrytis blossom blight, Curvularia leaf spot, Make regular weekly applications starting before diseases appear and increase to 2 or 3 applications per week during periods of heavy disease and during rainy weather. On flower spikes, reduce spray concentrations to 3/4 tablespoonfuls per gallon.
HAWTHORN: To control Cedar-apple rust, Fabraea leaf spot, Frogeye leaf spot, Hawthorn rust, Scab.
HOLLY: To control Purple spot.
HOLLYHOCK: To control Anthracnose, Cercospora leaf spot, Puccinia rusts.
HONEYSUCKLE: To control Herpobasidium blight.
IRIS: To control Didymellina leaf spot.
HORSECHESTNUT, Buckeye: To control Alternaria leaf spot, Guignardia leaf spot.
HYDRAGEA: To control Botrytis blight, Cercospora leaf spot.
JUNIPER: To control Phomopsis blight.
LAUREL, mountain: Cercospora leaf spot, Petal blight. Refer to Azalea comments.
LIGUSTRUM: To control Cercospora leaf spot.
LILY: To control Botrytis blight.
MAGNOLIA: To control Gloeosporium leaf spot.
MAPLE : To control Alternaria leaf spot, phyllosticta leaf spot (Do not use on Maples intended for syrup production).
MARIGOLD: To control Botrytis blossom blight. (Do not use on French dwarf double or Signet-type marigold seedlings.)
NARCISSUS: To control Botrytis blight (fire), Smoulder.
OAK: To control Actinopelte leaf spot, Taphrina leaf blister.
ORCHID (Dendrobium): To control Botrytis blossom blight.
PANSY: To control Anthracnose.
PEONY:To control Botrytis blossom blight, Phytophthora blight. Apply in early spring and early fall, drenching soil around plants as well as the foliage. Promptly destroy all infected plant parts.
PEPEROMIA: To control Cercospora leaf spot.
PHILODENDRON: To control Dactylaria leaf spot, Phytophthora leaf spot.
PHOTINIA: To control Entomosporium leaf spot.
PLEOMELE: To control Fusarium leaf spot.
POINSETTIA: To control Sphaceloma scab.
RHODODENDRON: To control Dactylaria leaf spot, phytopthora leaf spot. Refer to azalea.
ROSE: To control Black spot, Cercospora leaf spot, Rust.
SCHEFFLERA: To control Alternaria blight.
SKUNKBUSH, SUMAC: To control Cylindrosporium leaf spot.
SNAPDRAGON: To control Rust.
STATICE: To control Cercospora frogeye.
SYNGONIUM: To control Cephalosporium leaf spot.
TULIP: To control Botrytis blight (fire).
VENUS, FLYTRAP: To control Anthracnose.
VIBURNUM: Downy mildew, Ramularia leaf spot.
ZINNIA: To control Alternaria leaf blight.

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