Montana 2F Imidacloprid

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Montana 2F

Montana 2F is a 21.4% Imidacloprid is a systemic insecticide that is labeled for use on many field and vegetable crops, citrus, cucurbits, tree, bush, vine crops and tropical fruits.

Controls:  Aphids, Colorado potato Beetle, Leafhoppers, Flea Beetle, Leafminer, Whiteflies, Thrips and Mealybugs, there is suppression of scales on certain fruits.

Application:  Can be applied as a broadcast or directed spray as well as a soil application.

You can use similar Imidacloprids, such as Dominion, Merit, Zenith and Lada for turf and ornamentals, use the Montana 2F for your citrus and vegetable crops.

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