RootShield Granules

RootShield Granules – for broad spectrum preventative control of root diseases.

RootShield Granules

RootShield Granules

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10 LBS $160.00

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40 Pounds – $397.00 FREE SHIPPING
10 Pounds – $160.00 FREE SHIPPING

EPA registered, 0-hour REI – OMRI listed – Safe for workers, customers and beneficials. Up to 3 months root protection with one application – Reduces or eliminates the need for chemical fungicides – High quality, consistent and well researched – Patented. RootShield is the highly-effective, beneficial fungus Trichoderma harzianum strain T-22, a special hybrid strain developed in a university microbial breeding program. It provides natural, season-long control of root diseases because it grows on the entire plant root system (root colonization).
Most importantly, it is non-toxic to humans, animals and is environmentally safe.
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