Advion Fire Ant Bait

Advion Fire Ant Bait by Syngenta


INSECTICIDE – intended for use by commercial applicators

Advion Fire Ant Bait    2 Pound Jug   $40.60

Active Ingredient – Indoxacarb 0.1%

ADVION Fire ant bait may be used to control imported fire ants, bigheaded ants, pavement ants and turfgrass ants in noncrop/nongrazed areas such as residential lawns, golf courses, recreational areas, industrial sites and other similar areas where imported fire ants are found.

When to Apply

Advion Fire Ant bait should be applied at first sign of activity but it is more effective if ants are actively foraging, usually when the soil temperature is above 60 degrees.
Up to 4 applications may be made per year.
These are generally applied at 12-16 week intervals.
Rainfall or irrigation within 2-3 hours of application may reduce effectiveness – apply again within 7 days may be necessary.
Do not apply if the area to be treated is wet with dew, irrigation or rainfall.


Broadcast treatment
Make application with equipment that can be calibrated at 1.5 Lbs. per acre.
Can be applied again in 12-16 weeks.
Individual Mound Treatments
Do not disturb the mound. Do not apply to top of mound.
Apply 4 level tablespoons (0.5 oz) of bait uniformly distributing the product 3-4 feet around the mound.
Reapply in 12-16 weeks if needed.

**Please check label for all restrictions and proper site applications.**

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