Armada 50 WDG Fungicide

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Armada 50 WDG

Armada 50 WDG

Armada  WDG 2 LBS. $ 130.95

Armada 50 WDG  is a preventive fungicide designed for use on lawns for full-spectrum control of significant turf diseases. Its unique dual mode of action combines the power of a systemic with a contact fungicide. It’s twice the disease-fighting power at a price you can’t afford to ignore.
Armada controls dollar spot, leaf spot, summer patch, rapid blight, pink patch, southern blight, fusarium patch, brown patch, anthracnose, gray leaf spot, red thread, rust, stripe smut and pink snow mold and is safe to use on all turf grasses.

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Available in cases 6 x 2 LBS.

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