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HORMODIN #1 is a general purpose powder designed for the home gardener or commercial florist who propagates
popular varieties such as roses, carnations, poinsettias, some species of shrubs, and most home, garden and greenhouse


Throughout the United States, the time to take cuttings will be dependent on when new growth starts.
Cuttings of the current season’s growth, 4 to 6 inches in length, generally are the most satisfactory.
Note: Cuttings of certain plants can be taken over a much wider range of time in the South than in the North, and corresponding
season advance must be considered.

In the State of New York, cuttings of most deciduous shrubs will root best when taken during June, July and August.
A few varieties can be taken the latter part of April, and others during May, depending upon when new growth starts.
Cuttings of the current season’s growth, 4 to 6 inches in length, generally are the most satisfactory.
Cuttings taken between August and December will vary considerably in their capacity to root.
For plants grown indoors, cuttings should be taken according to the condition of the material, without regard to season.


HORMODIN may be used on three types of cuttings:

• Hardwood: such as Dogwood, Juniper, broadleaf and needle evergreens.
• Semi-Hardwood: such as broadleaf evergreens and woody ornamentals with firm wood and mature leaves such as Azalea,
Rhododendrons, Magnolia and Photinia.
• Softwood and Succulents: such as Cactus, Fuchsia, Ice Plant and Begonia.
Select cuttings from healthy plants. Success is generally best when taking softwood cuttings or “new wood.”

Timing is important.

Professionals propagate year round but two good times for two good times for taking cuttings are:

• in the fall using mature dormant growth which would be classified as a hardwood or semi-hardwood cutting
• in the spring when the cutting would be new growth or classified as a softwood cutting.

Fertilizer can encourage top growth and may not be used for one week after treatment.

HORMODIN 1, 2 or 3 are recommended for different plants and parallel the range of hormones found normally by the various plants.


Keep cutting material in a fresh condition from the start. Cuttings of many varieties keep fresh when the basal ends of the stems
are immersed in water or wrapped in wet cloth or burlap until ready to place in the HORMODIN. Do not keep shoots and
branches in closed containers for long periods. Frequent spraying of the cutting material, according to the dryness of the air, or
covering with moist cheese cloth, will prevent excessive wilting.


1) If not already moist, the basal ends of the cuttings should be
slightly moistened before treatment. (Except geraniums.)
2) Stir basal ends in HORMODIN.
3) Remove excess powder by tapping on rim of container.
4) Plant treated cuttings in rooting medium.

Reasons for using Hormodin:

  • Enhances Root Growth
  • Reduces plant loss
  • No disease migration
  • Dependable performance
  • Easy to use

1 pound will treat at least 35,000 average cuttings.

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