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Moo Poo Tea

Moo Poo Tea


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Authentic Haven Brand Manure tea, also known as MOO POO TEA is a compost that is made from well aged composted livestock manure.

The manure is collected and composted in the sun over the course of several months. It does not have an offensive odor and can be used for indoor plants. Haven Brand Manure Tea is safe to use and free of pathogens associated with live manure. Haven Brand cattle are raised on native, permanent grass pastures that are absent of pesticide use. The cattle are never given antibiotics or growth hormones.

In fact, samples of Haven Brand composted manures are sent to various accredited labs to be tested for pathogens. Sample results have never returned a positive reading for E.coli, salmonella, or other harmful bacteria.

Spotlighted by Dorian Winslow in Better Homes and Gardens’ Country Gardens Magazine Spring 2016 article covering Brenda Addington’s award winning garden, Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew is 2016’s rising star.

Authentic Haven Brand manure tea is clean and green through and through and because it is well and properly aged it does NOT burn!! The manure tea provides a great balance of nutrients and minerals that will never burn your plants. You can water plants with manure tea every day without worry of damaging plants. You can overwater your plants, so maintain a proper watering schedule.

Also for container gardeners, Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew is the soil nutrient of choice fed to container plantings and is the soil nutrient of choice fed by award winning gardeners featured in Fine Gardening Magazine’s – Container Gardening Magazine.

Authentic Haven Brand “Moo Poo Tea” is easy to use, fun to brew and the best way to boost your flower blooms and vegetable production. Our manure teas work wonders on shade gardens, tropical gardens, cactus, houseplants, herb gardens and anything else that grows! It is also completely safe around children and pets!

Also, adding manure tea to compost piles helps to accelerate the composting process by introducing millions of beneficial microbes to the compost. You will get great compost in much less time.

Moo Poo Tea comes in what looks like a teabag but is larger so there’s no mistaking it for regular tea!

Brewing Instructions:

Fill 1-5 Gallon bucket with water – Place tea bag in water and allow to steep/soak for 1-3 days. You may want to cover the bucket to avoid anything getting into the brew. The tea will brew best in the sun. Manure tea is a perfect foliar fertilizer that can add luster to plant leaves. Mist your plants indoors or outside, drench, spray, or use hose-end sprayer. (Use at full strength or half tea with half water.)

Simply put, Haven’s Natural Brew Tea, conditions the soil, so your plants root systems can better absorb nutrients needed to build a strong, healthy root base. Place Haven’s Natural Brew Tea bag in 1 to 5 gallon container fill with water cover allow to seep fro 1 to 3 days. Then water your plants, it’s that easy. Use every time you water or at least 4 times during the growing season.

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