Sirocco Insecticide/Miticide



Sirocco Miticide/Insecticide

$204.00 8 OZ.

Sirocco provides quick knockdown and long residual control of a wide variety of insects and pests such as thrips and mites. Sirocco may be used in greenhouse, shadehouses, nurseries (including Christmas tree / conifer plantations), landscapes and interiorscapes.

A unique combination of two insecticides and miticide compounds that provide quick knockdown and residual activity on mites, thrips and other pests.

Formulated using a technique which enhances the efficacy of the two active ingredients, bifenazate and abamectin.

· Up to 28 days of control
· Multiple modes of action
· Low use rates
· Quick knockdown
· Brown spectrum control of insects and mites

RATE 3-6 OZ per 100

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