Humic Acid

Humic Acid – Active Organic Humus

Humic Acid

Humic Acid

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Humic Acid Quart $12.95
Humic Acid Gallon $22.95
Humic Acid 2.5 Gallon $39.95

Organic matter is one of the most important aspects of soil. Modern farming practices have tended to reduce the organic matter content of many soils, or affected to such an extent that it becomes inactive “humin” instead of active “humus”. Many of the soils, plant and animal health problems in modern agriculture can be traced to the low level of active humus.

FORMULA HUMIC ACID is formulated to supplement the humic acid that your organic matter should release. It acts as a growth stimulant, a catalyst, chelating agent, and a buffer against harsh materials put on the soil or harsh conditions in the soil affecting plants. Our FORMULA HUMIC ACID is unique in that it contains seaweed and molasses for added plant health, vitality and pest resistance.

Just as nature uses humic acid, FORMULA HUMIC ACID unlocks and chelates major and minor nutrients, including calcium for plant uptake. It buffers high and low pH’s to allow nutrient uptake in less than optimum conditions. FORMULA HUMIC ACID contains a wide variety of major and trace minerals, 21 amino acids and has a pH of 7.0 minimum. The Cation Exchange Capacity varies from 200 to 500 MEQ per 100 grams at a pH of 7.0. FORMULA HUMIC ACID is high quality source of carbon, extracted from dry humates. This will enable you to use one (1) pint per acre of concentrated material to replace a 200-500 lb. application of dry humate material or where 7 or 8 tons of manure would normally be used.

Recommended Application Rates

  • SOIL / FARM: Apply 1-2 gals. HUMIC ACID with sufficient water to cover per 1 acre. Broadcast directly onto soil at pre- planting. For best results incorporate into the top 1-2 inches. It is not necessary to use more than 1 gallon per acre twice a year spring and fall application.
  • TURF GRASS / GARDENS SOIL: Apply 1 quart per 5000 sf. (Commercial Turf application at 2% solution mix.) Apply directly after a dry fertilizer application.
  • GARDENS/ POTTED PLANTS / TREES / SHRUBS: Mix 2-3 oz to each gallon of water. Apply solution around root zone of existing plants: Water in just enough to soak the root zone (up to 4 inches for most.) Apply as often as every two weeks.
  • ROW CROPS / FOLIAR SPRAY: Mix 1-2 quart. HUMIC ACID with sufficient water to cover, per acre. Mist tops and bottoms of leaves. Moisten only to the point of run-off. (USE MINIMUM OF 5 GALLONS OF WATER.)
  • TREE CROPS: Mix 2-4 qts. HUMIC ACID with sufficient water to cover, per acre. Mist tops and bottoms of leaves. Moisten only to the point of run-off. (USE MINIMUM OF 50 GALLONS OF WATER.) *Repeat in a regular foliar feed program.
  • GREENHOUSE: Using a 1% mix ratio (IE 2 qt. for 50 gallon) water over plants until it soaked into the ground. (1-2 inches) For hydroponics: Use at 250 ppm.
  • HOUSEPLANTS: Apply 2 tablespoons per gallon of water. Water as normal around base of plant.

OUR SUPER STRENGTH HUMIC ACID IS NOT A FERTILIZER. It enhances soil particles, to help root growth. Use at planting stage to help start root growth and through out the growing season

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