Companion Bio Fungicide

Companion Concentrate Microbial Inoculate

Companion with Bacillus subtilis GB03 microbe that protects plant roots

COMPANION Concentrate Microbial Fungicide 2.5 Gallon  $272.95

Companion is for the addition of beneficial soil microorganisms. It contains the active ingredient Bacillus subtilis GB03, a naturally occurring soil microbe that protects the root system.

The active ingredient GB03 has been used on a broad variety of plant materials and as a seed coating for the past decade. Research at major universities proving the performance of GB03 in promoting a healthy root system. Companion’s organic liquid base acts as a food source to help the Bacillus subtilis multiply.

It may be used as a drench at the time of seeding and transplanting.

Most effective when applied throughout the growing cycle to maintain a healthy population of beneficial microorganisms.

Can be used in combination with chemical fungicides during disease outbreaks.

Mixing Instructions:

Companion is not a suspension and does not need to be agitated. It is compatible with other fertilizers, fungicides and technical materials. Check the labels of other technical materials for their mixing guidelines. Be sure to apply all of tank mix solution within 6 hours to assure viability of spores.

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