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Azatin O

Azatin O

Azadirachtin 4.5%

   $213.95 Quart

Azatin® O is a newly-formulated biological insect growth regulator (IGR) used to control the larval stage of a broad-spectrum of greenhouse and nursery pests. Azatin O is OMRI listed (Organic Materials Resource Institute), is soft on beneficials, and carries a 4-hour REI. Azatin O contains 175 grams of the active ingredient azadirachtin per gallon. Azatin O may be used for insect control on all crops such as ornamentals, vegetables, herbs, and berries, grown in the greenhouse, nursery, interiorscape, and in hydroponic growing situations.

Azatin O may be used for control of insects on turfgrass. Insects do not survive the molting process to become reproductive adults. Death results in 3-10 days after application but insects will stop feeding long before they die. Azatin O is often tank-mixed with Decathlon for control of larval and adult insect stages.

  • Azadirachtin is labeled for Indoor and Outdoor use on Ornamentals, Turf and Horticultural Crops -Acts as an Insect Growth Regulator.
  • Azatin O can be used when plants are potted, grown in the soil or soil-less mixtures or grown hydroponically.
  • This product controls insect larvae when they ingest or come in contact with it, by interfering with the insect’s ability to molt.
  • It is affective on all larval stages and pupae. It also reduces crop damage by repelling and deterring feeding of all stages of insects.
  • This product is labeled for Aphids, Armyworms, Bagworms, Beetles, Grubs and Weevils, Chinch Bugs, Cutworms, Fungus Gnats, Leafhoppers, Mealybugs, Thrips, Webworms and Whiteflies. Also controls the Silverleaf Whitefly now common in South Florida.
  • Labeled for many crops including, bedding plants, bulb vegetables, cucurbits, tomatoes, herbs, citrus, nuts, pome fruits, root and tuber crops, trees and shrubs and turf.
  • Drench or Spray

Rate – 4-16 oz per acre or for smaller use 1/4 tsp – 1 tsp per gallon – 1.2 ml – 4.8 ml

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