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Diquat 2L

Diquat 2L

37.3% Diquat – Quart $41.95

Diquat Landscape and Aquatic Herbicide is a highly concentrated non-selective herbicide for the control of Aquatic Weeds, Turf Weeds and Grass.

This product kills undesirable above ground weed growth in 24-36 hours!

CONTROLS: Duckweed, Water hyacinth, Cattails, Pondweeds, Coontail, Pennywort and other aquatic weeds.

USES: Edging Turf, Landscape Beds, Lawns, Ponds, Lakes, Ditches.

RATES: 1 quart makes 100 gallons of spray solution.
.75 oz per gallon + 1-2 tsp. non-ionic surfactant.

Surfactant for Herbicides sold here. Non-ionic surfactant for increased coverage and penetration of pesticide sprays, including Insecticides, Fungicides, Miticides and Nutritionals.

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