Spreader Sticker by S.Ag

Spreader Sticker

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Spreader Sticker by S.Ag  Gallon  $ 19.95, Pint  $ 6.50

  • Combines two spray adjuvants in one product
  • Use with most pesticides to improve results
  • Increases residual activity of sprays by preventing wash-off

USE:  Can be used with almost all insecticide, fungicide, herbicide and nutritional sprays on Ornamentals and Vegetables.

  • Aids in spreading of spray material on waxy leaved plants such as Roses and Cabbage.
  • Helps prevent spray material from weathering due to rain and dew.
  • Increases effectiveness of insecticide and fungicide sprays.

RATE: Use 1 TBS. per gal of spray.

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