PLUG FAST 12-12-6 by S. AG

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Plug Fast 12-12-6

Plug Fast 12-12-6

$18.50 5 LBS.

Controlled-Release Fertilizer for a quick start when planting grass plugs.

1. Thoroughly water area to be plugged.
2. Use any ordinary plugger, bulb planter, or garden spade to make a 3” hole.
3. Insert plug firmly into ground. (Add a teaspoon of PLUG FAST fertilizer in hole for faster results.)
4. Plug in a checkerboard fashion 12” to 18” apart.
5. Water regularly for up to 2 weeks or until grass plugs are rooted.
6. Maintain as usual for a beautiful new lawn.

CONTAINS: 12% Nitrogen, 12% Phosphorus (P2O5), 6% Potash (K20), Iron 1%. 5.6% Nitrogen is slow release.

  • Contains slow release nitrogen
  • Use in the hole of new grass plugs
  • High in Phosphorous to kick start new roots

RATE: 1 tsp. per plug planted. 5 lb = 20 trays

Application: Sprinkle in plug hole under plug as planted.

Important: sweep PLUG FAST particles off driveways, curbs, walks, immediately to prevent staining of concrete, metal, and wood.

Do not allow PLUG FAST to get wet. This product is not recommended for use other than detailed herein.

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