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Phosphorous is essential for getting seeds and transplants off to a good start. It is also needed to produce more flowers and more and healthier fruits and vegetables. Neptune’s Harvest makes the best high phosphorous Liquid Fish fertilizer on the market. Organic growers swear by it. The source is Atlantic Ocean fish. The 2-4-1 NPK is the same ratio as a 6-12-3 fertilizer. It also has .75% Calcium.
Neptune’s Harvest is cold processed through hydrolysis – a specialized enzymatic digestion process that protects the vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, growth hormones and oils. The result is a very bio-active and low odor organic fish fertilizer which also feeds soil microbes and improves soil structure. Here are just some of the Benefits of using our Liquid Fish products:

  • OMRI Certified for Organic growers, including pastures and feed
  • Complete array of nutrients and minerals. Macro and Micro Nutrients
  • Increases Organic Matter and earthworm population
  • Slow and fast release of Nitrogen
  • Excellent nutrient for promoting both soil bacteria and beneficial fungi (mycorrhizae)
  • Speeds up composting time.
  • Stabilizes and increases chlorophyll resulting in darker green leaves and increased sugar Improves water holding capacity of soil
  • Helps seed germination and root development
  • Helps increase soil-building microbes.
  • Improves soil energy.
  • Liquefied and Economical.
  • Can be sprayed foliarly for instant uptake.

Neptune’s Harvest is also great for the flowerbeds. You get more vivid colors and longer lasting blooms. University studies have shown it to out-perform 20-20-20 chemical fertilizers. However, since the product has a slight brown appearance when sprayed it would be better to use it monthly as a soil drench rather than spray flower foliarly.


1. Shake well before using.
2. Mix only what you plant to use and do not store more than 12 hours once diluted with water.
3. When foliar feeding make sure plants are not under drought stress.
4. Rinse out spraying equipment after applying.

Apply 2-3 oz per 50 sf or ½ -1 quart per 1000 sf. Water or till in before planting. For poorer soils you can go a little heavier.
In-Season Organic Soil Building / Bio-Activating – For established plants or lawns. On clay soils and loams apply 8 oz per 1000 sf 3-4 times during the growing season. For sandy soils, apply 4 oz every 4 weeks. Set hose-end sprayer to 2-4 oz per gallon.

FOLIAR SPRAYING (most economical way to fertilize)
Mix 1 tablespoon per quart or 2 oz per gallon of water. Using a fine spray or mister, moisten both sides of leaves to the point of runoff. Apply every 7-10 days in early morning or after mid-day heat has dropped 10 degrees. If mixing with other fertilizers add the Liquid Fish last.

House Plants/Potted Plants: 1 Teaspoon per quart of water, or 1 Tablespoons per gallon of water. Water into the soil afterward if there are odor issues. Apply every 1-2 weeks.

Annuals, Vegetables, Transplants: 1 oz per gallon of water using watering can or hose-end sprayer. Can be sprayed right over the top of plants and onto the soil. Apply every 7-10 days.

Established Perennials, Roses, Shrubs: 1 1/2 -2 oz per gallon of water. Apply where feeder roots are located. Apply every 2-3 weeks

Trees: Treat under the leaf canopy to just beyond drip line. Spray at 4 oz per gallon of water and wet surface well. Water deeply afterwards.

Mix with Aerify PLUS to get better soil penetration. Apply a few times per season.

Lawns: Use up to 16 oz per 1000 sf monthly. If using a hose end sprayer set to 4 oz per gal/

Compost Aid: Mix 4 oz per gallon of water and put on 1-2 gallons every 2 weeks.


Soil Treatments: Apply up to 4 gallons per acre. Split the application between pre-plant and side dress.
Foliar Treatments: 1-2 Quarts per acre every 2 weeks prior to bloom and at least once after bud set.

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