Diehard Transplant Soil Amendment

Diehard Transplant Absorbent Gel

Diehard Transplant Soil Amendment

Diehard Transplant Absorbent Gel Soil Amendment

8 oz Packet $5.95

Case of 55
8 oz Packets $303.00

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Diehard Transplant 8 ounce packet $ 5.95
Diehard Transplant Case 55 x 8 ounces $303.00

DIEHARD – Mycorrhizal Fungi, Stimulants, Trichoderma, Absorbent Gel – 8 oz.
DIEHARD™ Transplant is formulated as a tree and shrub transplant backfill amendment to inoculate landscape plants when planted with live beneficial mycorrhizal fungi, which nursery plants generally do not have, and nearly one hundred other ingredients to “complete” the plant and the ground in which the transplant is planted. This results in quick root establishment and less transplant shock and stressed plants. It contains highly selected endomycorrhizal fungi and ectomycorrhizal fungi that will quickly colonize the roots of new transplants to provide the best possible conditions for the roots to become as effective as possible during the establishment period and beyond. Both endo and ectomycorrhizal inoculants are combined with humic acids, Trichoderma, stimulants, beneficial bacteria, soluble sea kelp, yucca plant extracts, to promote rapid root development. Included in the formulation is a water management gel to reduce transplant shock and stress and watering maintenance, and to slow release all soluble components. The results are better survival and growth rates and less watering for all tree and shrub transplants.

Rate: Each bag will treat 2 caliper inches of tree or shrub. Sprinkle into planning hole adjacent to the root ball in the upper 8-10 inches of planting hole.
Rates: 1 gallon pot – 1 oz, 2 gal. pot – 2 oz, 3 gal. pot – 2 oz, 7 gal. – 4 oz, 15 gal. pot- 6 oz.

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