Surflan A.S.

Surflan A.S. Pre-emergent Herbicide (Not for Sale to CA)

Surflan A.S.- 40.4% Oryzalin

Surflan A.S.- 40.4% Oryzalin

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Surflan A.S. Quart $35.95 FREE SHIPPING (QT. ONLY) / Gallon $68.00

SURFLAN A.S. – 40.4% Oryzalin – Quart or Gallon by S.Ag

Surflan is a pre-emergent herbicide that keeps weeds seeds from developing. It will not kill pre-existing weeds in landscape. Weed an area completely and then use Surflan covering all areas.

USE ON: Landscape ornamentals, Noncropland, Non-bearing trees and vines, Industrial sites, established warm season turf, and other labeled areas.

CONTROLS: A selective preemergence surface-applied herbicide for control of annual grasses and many broadleaf weeds.

RATE: Ornamentals: 1.5-3 oz. per 1000 sq. ft. Turf: 1-1.5 oz per 1000 sq. ft. (do not reseed for 90 – 120 days following application).

APPLICATION: Safe to spray over-the-top of listed ornamentals in sufficient water to cover area. May also be tank mixed with Round-up (direct spray away from plants) or Vantage (Poast).

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