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Nature’s Magic

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Nature’s Magic

Quart $14.95

Gallon $27.95

2.5 Gallon $59.95 $23.98/gal


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Nature’s Magic (qt) $14.95

Nature’s Magic (gal) $27.95

Nature’s Magic (2.5 gal) $59.95

Nature’s Magic is a blend of two of the best soil activators and plant health products in the world: Humic Acid (often called liquid humus) and Seaweed (kelp). It serves three major functions that result in better soil and plant health:

  1. It helps detoxify and buffer chemicals and salts that prevent bioactivity in the soil.
  2. It helps generate the soil-improving microbes necessary for good soil structure, bioactivity and plant health.
  3. It provides numerous plant trace nutrients and biostimulants.

The Humic Acid in Nature’s Magic is a full 17% solution, the highest level we know of. If you check other liquid humic acid products, you’ll find they won’t exceed 12% strength.

Here are just some of the many benefits of Nature’s Magic.

  • Bioactivates both clay and sandy soils and increases Organic Matter
  • Buffers harsh chemical salts or chlorides found in many commercial fertilizers
  • Provides carbon which feeds beneficial soil microbes
  • Improves soil structure and aeration * see important note below
  • Stimulates root growth and supports most plant functions
  • Unlocks and chelates major and minor nutrients. Reduces fertilizer needs.
  • Improves plant’s ability to capture (fix) atmospheric nitrogen
  • Prevents Thatch buildup and helps stimulate the decomposition of existing Thatch
  • Increases earthworm activity
  • Makes iron and other nutrients more available in poor pH soils
  • Improves plant resistance to disease, insects and other stress
  • Supplies over 30 micro-nutrients and vitamins
  • Increases nutrient density in pasture grasses and silage
  • Works as a catalyst for both soil regeneration and plant growth
  • Contains 58.2% Humic Acid and 41.8% Seaweed

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