Zinc Sulfate Granular

Zinc Sulfate Granular – 5 LBS. by S.AG ~ FREE SHIPPING $22.95

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Zinc Sulfate Granular

ZINC SULFATE – CONTAINS: Soluble Zinc, (Zn) 31.0%. – 5 LBS

CONTROLS: For the correction of zinc deficiencies which cause deformity of fruit.

  • Rosette of Pecans
  • White Bud on Corn
  • Little Leaf of Peach and Grapefruit
  • Die Back on Citrus
  • Corrects blind nut disorder in Pecans
  • Corrects zinc deficiency (mottleleaf) in avocado, beans, citrus, corn, peaches & nectarines.

USE ON: Trees, Shrubs, Berry Bushes, and Fruit Trees.

RATE: Apply dry at 1.5 lbs. per inch of trunk diameter.

APPLICATION: Broadcast evenly over area to be treated and water.

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