Mavrik Aquaflow – Insecticide/Miticide

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Mavrik Aquaflow

Mavrik Aquaflow

  $116.65 Quart

Mavrik Aquaflow – Insecticide/miticide – Tau-fluvalinate 22.3%

Labeled for commercial use only on:
Indoor plants in greenhouses, interior plantscapes, flower and foliage cuttings, outdoor plants in ornamental plantings, plantscapes including trees and shrubs and containerized nursery stock, also for perimeter treatments around buildings and outside surfaces.

Treats: Fire ants, aphids, thrips, mites, whiteflies, leaf hoppers, beetles, springtails, adelgids, leaf feeding caterpillars, stink bugs, mosquitoes, root weevils, army worms, cutworms, sowbugs, chiggers, mealy bugs, psyllids and mites.

Mavrik controls insects and controls or suppresses mites. It works primarily through contact action so good spray coverage is necessary.

Dried residues of Mavrik are non-toxic and non-repellent to honey bees.

Rates: 4-10 oz. per acre or 0.2-.05 oz. per 5 gallons (1.3-3 teaspoons)

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