Clear Pasture Herbicide

Clear Pasture Herbicide

Triclopyr  61.6%   Gallon  $83.80

A Herbicide for Control of Woody Plants, VINES, Annual and Perennial Broadleaf Weeds in Grass Pastures, Rangeland, CRP acres, Rights-of-Way, Non-Crop Areas, Industrial Sites and Non-Irrigation Ditch Banks Clear Pasture is a 4lb. Ester formulation that is more effective in controlling hard to control weeds by penetrating the waxy cuticle on the leaf tissue causing faster uptake by the plant treated. It controls resprouting on cut stumps Clear Pasture  is a herbicide used to control unwanted woody plants and annual and perennial broadleaf weeds:

  • on permanent grass pastures, rangelands, and conservation reserve program (CRP) acres (including non-irrigation ditch banks and fence rows within these areas)
  • on non-crop areas including industrial manufacturing and storage sites
  • on rights-of-way such as electrical power lines, communication lines, pipelines, roadsides, and railroads
  • on fence rows
  • on non-irrigation ditch banks
  • around farm buildings

Clear Pasture use on these sites may include application to grazed areas as well as for the establishment and maintenance of wildlife openings. For hard-to-control species such as ash, black gum, choke cherry, elm, maples (other than vine or big leaf), oaks, pines, or winged elm; during late summer applications when plants are mature; or during drought; use higher rates of Relegate Rates:   1- 8 quarts per acre For small applications 1 – 1.5 ounces per gallon

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