Atrimmec Plant Growth Regulator



Atrimmec – $122.95 FREE SHIPPING – Quart

For Consistent Growth Regulation of Landscape Plants & Trees


RATE: General use is 1- 2 oz Atrimmec per gallon of water, spray just until point of run off.

ATRIMMEC is a systemic plant growth regulator applied as a foliar spray that reduces or breaks apical dominance and enhances lateral branching. It is absorbed through the leaves and translocated to the shoot tips.

This product will chemically pinch unpruned shoots and will also increase branching of trimmed shoots.

Produces full, well-branched plants with more abundant bloom. Reduces the need for mechanical pinching and pruning.

Atrimmec is a growth retardant for use on hedges, shrubs, trees and groundcovers. It can also be used on certain trees and shrubs to prevent flowering and fruit set.

After one application in spring, plants can usually be maintained in acceptable shape for a full season. Under extremely good growing conditions or in areas with a long growing season, two treatments per year may be considered on certain species. However, in areas with a short growing season only a single spring treatment is recommended.

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