Vapor Gard

Vapor Gard – Anti-transpirant Concentrate $54.95 Gallon

Vapor Gard’s Active Ingredient: di-1-p-menthene 96% (Pinolene)

Vapor Gard

Vapor Gard

Vapor Gard is a water emulsifiable organic concentrate for use on plants to reduce water transpiration. The soft, flexible film formed after the spray application dries, will significantly reduce moisture lost by the plant foliage.

Dries on plant to form a clear glossy film which retards normal moisture loss without interfering with plant growth or normal transpiration.

  • Must be applied as full coverage
  • Spray foliage or use as dip
  • Spray at least 1 hour, during daylight, before anticipate rain
  • Sunlight for this period is needed for protective film to set
  • Vapor Gard beautifies plants by polishing leaf surfaces
  • C an be used on most trees and ornaments
  • Can be used for winter protection (limited)

Winter Protection Rates for Evergreens = 1 Part per 20 Parts of Water or 6.4 OZ. per gallon.

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