Essential Minor Elements

Essential Minor Elements

Essential Minor Elements

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Essential Minor Elements 5 LBS $19.95
ESSENTIAL MINOR ELEMENTS – New Granular Formulation

FOR: The correction or prevention of minor element deficiencies.

CONTAINS: Magnesium 8%, Manganese 2%, Iron 5%, Sulfur 8%,
Copper .25%, Zinc 0.5%, Boron .03%.

Contains 7 minor elements, high in Magnesium and Iron
Corrects minor element deficiencies
No mixing/ No spraying – use as a dry fertilizer

USE ON: Shrubs, Trees, Lawns, Flower and Vegetables

Minor elements are needed by plants. These are usually present in the soil or are needed only in relatively minute quantities. They can be supplied in the fertilizer where needed. In some gardens, particularly on the marl soils, the land may be alkaline because of the high lime content of the soil. When alkaline water is used for irrigation, the soil may also become alkaline. In such cases it may be necessary to use fertilizer containing minor elements, particularly manganese and boron. On the other hand, gardens on sand, muck and peat soils may be so strongly acid that lime is needed to correct acidity and supply sufficient quantities of calcium and magnesium.

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