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Shore-Klear – 53.8 % Glyphosate

Treatment of shoreline and surface aquatic and landscape weeds.

For aquatic weed and brush control.  For control of annual and perennial weeds and woody plants in and around aquatic and other non-crop sites.  Use in wildlife habitat areas, for perennial grass release and grass growth repression.

May be used in all bodies of fresh and brackish water which may be flowing, non-flowing or transient.

Cattail: Apply 4 ½ to 6 pints per acre as a broadcast or as a ¾ to 1 percent solution

Bermudagrass: Apply 7 ½ pints per acre or 1 ½ percent

Torpedograss: Apply 6 to 7 ½ pints per acre or ¾ to 1 ½ percent

Waterhyacinth: Apply 5 to 6 pints per acre or ¾ to 1 percent

Waterprimrose: Apply ¾ percent with handheld equipment

Spray when plants are actively growing.

Best results are achieved when application is made during the summer or fall months.

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