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Chelated Citrus Nutritional Spray – (Not for sale in CA)


Citrus Nutritional Spray

Citrus Nutritional Spray

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Chelated Citrus Nutritional Spray corrects and prevents deficiencies that cause yellowing.

Use on: Citrus Avocados, mangoes and other tropical fruits.

· Corrects and prevents deficiencies that cause yellowing
· Contains 5 balanced essential nutrients incl. Zinc
· For use of all ornamental and fruit trees.

· Iron 1.2%
· Zinc 1.7%
· Manganese 1.2%
· Magnesium 1%
· Sulfur 4.1%

Controls: Most common minor element deficiencies.

Rate: Prevention 1 tablespoon – Correction of deficiency 2 tablespoons for per gallon of spray. (See label for complete directions)

Application: This product will benefit the plant at any time when plant deficiency symptoms appears. It is most effective between December and February up to the time flowering is completed.

Apply as a thorough cover spray to run off.

*****This Product will SEVERELY stain concrete, masonry and painted surfaces*****

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