Hormodin 2 by OHP

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Hormodin #2

Hormodin #2

  INDOLE-BUTYRIC ACID 00.3%  contains IBA, a synthetic auxin that stimulates root growth.

HORMODIN 2 is prepared specially for propagating many woody and semi-woody types of plants, including some of the
evergreens. One pound of HORMODIN 2 will treat at least 35,000 average cuttings


Cuttings of the current season’s growth, 4 to 6 inches in length, generally are most satisfactory.
Entire shoots of this length, cut at or near the base, should be taken, unless it is known that other parts root more readily.
Some plants are readily propagated from leaf-bud cuttings.
Propagators are familiar with the fact that tip cuttings of some varieties, and parts below the tip in other varieties, root best.
This applies also, but to a lesser extent, to cuttings treated with HORMODIN. The basal cut may be made slanting or straight with small pruning shears, or with a knife.
Large leafed types of cuttings will need to be trimmed, but it is preferable to use the largest leaf area which can be kept in good condition, and which at the same time meets the requirements for economy of space.


Moisten cuttings (EXCEPT GERANIUMS.) Pour a small amount of Hormodin into container. Stir cutting end in Hormodin. Remove excess by tapping powder against container. Plant treated cutting in planting media. Dip it – Tap it – Stick it

Reasons for using Hormodin:

  • Enhances Root Growth
  • Reduces plant loss
  • No disease migration
  • Dependable performance
  • Easy to use

1 pound will treat at least 35,000 average cuttings.

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