MOVENTO by Bayer


22.4% Spirotetramat


$1102.50 Gallon

A revolutionary systemic foliar insecticide, Movento® offers truly unique two-way control, moving both upward and downward within plant tissue to find and control even hidden pests wherever they live and feed. Offering broad-spectrum control of many sucking pests, Movento is an important addition to pest management programs in grapes, citrus, vegetables, tree fruits, tree nuts and potatoes.

Movento belongs to the tetramic acid chemical class and has a unique mode of action classified as a Lipid Biosynthesis Inhibitor (LBI). It is active by ingestion against immature insect pests feeding on treated plants. A foliar application of Movento protects young and new developing leaves not present at the time of application.

In addition, studies have also shown significant impact on exposed female adult pests by reducing fecundity and survival of offspring, providing more effective overall reduction in pest pressure. For best results, Movento must be tank mixed with a spray adjuvant having spreading and penetrating properties.

Product Key Benefits

· Two-Way Systemicity – Moves up and down within the plant to provide excellent pest control in dense crop canopies and on plant roots.
· Long-Lasting Protection – High level of residual efficacy and protection of new plant growth.
· Integrated Pest Management – Provides minimal risk to natural predators when used as directed.
· Low-Use Rate – Lower spray volume can typically be utilized on certain crops, resulting in time and labor savings, as well as more timely application to the entire area to be treated.

Key Pests

Aphids, Root Aphids, Mites, Scale, Thrips, Mealybugs, Whiteflies and Nematodes

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