Compass O 50 WDG Fungicide

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Compass O WDG

$492.95 LB.

Trifloxystrobin 50% by OHP

Compass O is a mesostemic fungicide that provides 14-21 days of control on a variety of pathogens. Compass O offers both contact as well as translaminar control at very low rates. Use Compass O in a rotation with Strike or a variety of other fungicides for a season of pathogen clean growing.

Compass O is a modern site-specific fungicide belonging to the strobilurin class of chemistry.

Compass O is labeled for many diseases such as:
· Alternaria
· Anthracnose
· Black Spot
· Borytis
· Downy Mildew
· Leaf Spot
· Phytopthera
· Rhizoctonia Stem & Root rot
· Rust
· Scab

Compass O works great on roses!!

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