Flagship 25 WG

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Flagship 25 WG

Flagship 25 WG

Flagship 25 WG 8 OZ. $138.00

Active Ingredient: Thiamethoxam 25.0% by Syngenta

Flagship ® 25WG (water dispersible granule) insecticide offers fast knockdown and long lasting, residual control across a broad range
of foliar and soil-dwelling pests. It can be applied to foliage or growing media, and is quickly absorbed by plants. It controls target
pests on contact as well as through ingestion, with minimal effects on beneficial insects.

Swift translaminar absorption makes Flagship 25WG rainfast upon drying, so irrigation and rain will not wash it off. In addition, Flagship 25WG’s
chemical properties make it ideal for optimal plant uptake.
Because it contains an extremely active molecule, it is effective at a low use rate, yet can be used at a higher rate for more
powerful and longer-lasting insect control

For Pest Control in Nursery, Greenhouse and Outdoor Ornamental Production and For use on Fruiting and Cucurbit Vegetables
grown for resale.

Offers contact and systemic control of many insect pests in ornamental crops including aphids, whiteflies, leafminers, thrips and others
Flagship® 25WG insecticide is the foundation product for insect control and Integrated Crop Management programs for ornamental growers, with a new higher use rate for extended residual and an expanded list of controlled pests including aphids, whiteflies, leafminers and thrips

Key Features

· Patented Thiamethoxam Vigor Effect
· Low use rate with extended control
· Broad-spectrum insect control
· Has systemic and contact activity on both immatures and adults

Key Benefits

· Produces more vigorous and marketable plants
· Allows growers to use and store less product and reduce number of applications for pest control
· Defends against many different foliar and soil pests without interfering with beneficials or rotation programs

Provides control for multiple life stages giving greater flexibility in pest management programs

· Adelgids (incl. Hemlock woolly adelgid)
· Adult black vine weevils
· Ants
· Aphids
· Lace bugs
· Leaf beetles
· Leaf gull forming insects
· Leafhoppers
· Leafminers
· Mealybugs
· Plant bugs
· Psyllids (incl. Asian citrus psyllid)
· Soft scales
· Sawflies
· Thrips (foliar feeding)
· Whiteflies

· Aphids
· Fire ants
· Fungus gnats
· Grubs (beetle larvae)
· Leaf beetles
· Leafminers
· Mealybugs
· Root aphids
· Root weevil larvae (incl. Diaprepes abbreviatus)
· Soft scales
· Thrips (suppression of foliar feeding)
· Whiteflies

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